Marc Lins

born and raised in the mountainous region of western Austria near Feldkirch. After attending Business School and graduating from the Austrian School for Fashion Design and Textile Industry, Marc decided to take up photography by aiming for a 3 year photography apprenticeship in 1996.

After finishing the apprencticeship he traveled Europe, mostly between Italy, Germany and Austria, as well as New York City, which deepened his interest for the subject, before he decided to move to the United States in the year 2000. He then continued to refine his skills, in the early years, besides his works in Fine Art, focusing primarily on Architectural- Interior- and Landscape photography, soon earning him a unique reputation in those fields. Later he gave way to the urge that he needed something more ‘alive’ in front of that camera, by starting to portray various individuals and artists.

Marc currently works in the United States and Europe.

Marc Lins – Architectural-, Interior Photography
Marc Lins – Portrait Photography
Marc Lins – Fine Art