Porsche 911 T


With the support of a happy Porsche owner and a stunning Backdrop, to be found within the western austrian region of Vorarlberg, i managed to take a couple of Pictures of this quite exquisite 1973 Porsche 911T in Gemini Blue. This Model is one of the last ones of the air-cooled “911 F-Series”, also called the “Ur-Elfer”, built until 1973. Originally the 911 has been introduced as the 901 in Fall of 1963 at the IAA  in Frankfurt and until 1964 only 82 Exemplars have been manufactured under that Model name. After a legal dispute with the French Manufacturer Peugeot, Porsche had to change the model name, which really didn’t affect the beauty of this car negatively whatsoever…





porsche-911t-05 porsche-911t-06


3 thoughts on “Porsche 911 T

  1. BC

    Fantastic Pictures !!
    You say Voralberg, could you please tell us what is the real itinerary because I would like to drive on the same roads on next summer

    Thanks in advance for reply

    1. admin Post author

      Thanks! i find especially the ‘blue in blue’ does a good job..
      This en route to ‘Furkapass’, not in Switzerland, but Austria.
      But i guess i have to warn you though, on weekends from May through September, even into October, with such terrific weather, this route may be ‘heavily busy’ with bicycles, bikes, cars and even Tractors from local farmers 🙂
      So despite my smiley, you may wanna check it out either on weekdays or before 9am.


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