Frame Sculptures – Body Scans – Part 2











‘Frame Sculptures’  is an ongoing series of works whereof different thread-materials, including natural as well as inorganic fibres, are applied onto metal frames which are equipped with fine-thread machine-bolts, variable in number, length and diameter. Each frame is individual in terms of size, shape and surface-finishing. Besides some minor basic colour-corrections, these works are to be considered 100% analog.

This series exhibits nine out of fourteen patterns from the series ‘Frame Sculptures – Body Scans’. ‘Body Scans’ is one of the by-products of the series Frame Sculptures (

By projecting the photographs onto bare skin, special effects are created through the various patterns on a 3D-surface, such as in this case, the female body.

The intention wasn’t to produce pictures of ever so perfect models, but to rather focus on the visual impact, in addition to underlining the beauty and imperfection to be found simultaneously with any human body.

All image content Copyright © Marc Lins


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