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Renault R25 – Road Trip


Road-Trip with a late 80’s French Flagship Limousine, a Renault R25 Baccara – en route from Lindau to Berlin, Germany.  And, since i’ve been asked, due to a 70L tank and a ‘CW-value’ of only 0.28 , which even for today’s Standard is very low, zero of these stops are for Gasoline.


r-25-01A7 – Illertissen

r-25-02A6 – Frankenhöhe Süd

r-25-04A9 – Fränkische Schweiz

r-25-03A9 – Frankenwald Ost

r-25-05A9 – Hermsdorfer Kreuz

r-25-06A9 – Kammersteiner Land

r-25-07A9 Dessau

r-25-08A9 – Fläming Ost

r-25-09A115 –  Zehlendorf